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Education: One-On-One Tutoring

With an undergraduate degree in English from Suzhou University and a Master's Degree in Education from Mills College (Oakland, Calif.), Ms. Ni has the ideal background for One-On-One tutoring in either Chinese or English. Her students gain "real-world" knowledge drawn from her decade of experience interpreting in both China and the West.

Cultural Consulting

Attuned to the cultural differences in communication by her years as an interpreter for Chinese missions to Europe, Australia and the U.S., Ms. Ni maintains offices in Emeryville, Calif. (San Francisco Bay Area) and in Suzhou, China (Shanghai area). She regularly provides cultural consulting for businesses and other groups. Recent work includes a cultural review for ChevronTexaco and an advertising pamphlet review for Remy Cointreau Group.

Ms. Ni interpreting at a sister city negotiation in Riverside, California.

Shanghai is the hub of commerce for nearby cities such as Suzhou.