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AXIS MUNDI TranceFusion World Groove



World Beat Kundalini Trance Chant

AXIS MUNDI TranceFusion Sonic Chant revives the timeless ritual of Shakti-Shiva's Dance...The Spontaneously Arising Ecstatic Agony of Endless Bliss born at the dawn of Consciousness.
Our music recreates the shamanic acoustics of Vedic Cave Rituals in ancient India and the holographic wisdom of Speaking in TonguesKundalini Trance Chanting channels the throbbing currents of primeval Devotion, Didgeridoo and World Beat rhythms into a resonant whole, igniting the Inner Mounting Blue Flame and infusing modern Trance Dance, Yoga, Whole Body Meditation & Dynamic Movement with the living energies of Quantum Field Transformation.


AXIS MUNDI Performance for HARMONIC CONCORDANCE, Nov. 8 - 2003


Ecstatic crowd Trance Dancing to AXIS MUNDI's music.



Recreates the acoustics and Transformational Energy Field of Vedic Cave Rituals in ancient India.   Based on the Yoga of ANAHATA-NAD -- Spontaneously Arising Sound --  this energetically-animated Yoga can be traced back to the shamanic Yogi Lakulisha, the 28th incarnation of the immortal embodiment Shiva, known variously as Lord of Fire, Lord of the Dance and Lord of Yoga.  From 100 to 700 AD, Lakulisha's "Pashupata" forest sect  (meaning “Wild or Natural Ones”),  spread throughout India, crossing all class distinctions.   The Pashupatis practiced an Ecstatic Trance Ritual that included "wild laughter, sacred singing, shaking motion & dancing consisting of all possible motions of the hands & feet, & chanting a sacred sound produced by the contact of the tongue-tip with the upper palate” ...  and once the dancing was over, the participants would sit quietly and internalize the energy that had been raised, “meditating with inner worship and prayer”.  Here we encounter the mystery of the stilled mind in the organically moving body.  Participants joyously experience consciousness shifts, awakenings of cellular and emotional intelligence, states of yearning & ecstasy, and a shared contact with the Great Mystery.   The vibration of AXIS MUNDI’s intentionality builds a trans-temporal bridge linking this ancient shamanic practice to the present in the Holographic Oneness of Time.  More than just music, the Sonic Field creates Developmental Sounds that give birth to the upwelling and movement of Kundalini Energy throughout the body, igniting the Blue Flame of the body’s Esoteric Centers and alchemically transmuting it into Ecstatic Experience and Quantum Field Transformation. Here hope and human development converge as the scent, sound, feel, & taste of pure potentiality fructifying in the radiant juices and quivering tissues of the body and in the dazzling effulgence of consciousness.




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