Membership & Subscriptions


All participants in the following categories may attend conferences, and be present at all Board of Governors meetings and general meetings.


Full Members are entitled to all of the below noted benefits plus are given the power to vote for, serve, and hold office on the board of Governors.  They are also entitled to participate in the ACS Suspension Program by making complete legal and financial arrangements for their eventual cryonic suspension.  Full Members may sponsor other people including members of their family and minor children for participation.  Full Members receive all general mailings and minutes of Board of Governors Meetings.  The Student Suspension Plan allows students to be full members of the American Cryonics Society while paying only $55 per year.  This allows students to participate fully in the ACS Suspension Program for that reduced fee.  This fee continues until 1 year after they leave school.  From then on full membership dues are charged.


Associates are persons desirous of cryonics, but who are not yet ready to make complete legal and financial arrangements for their cryonic suspension.  Associates receive all general mailings, ACS publication(s), and minutes of the Board of Governors meetings upon request.  Participation in some programs (not the ACS Suspension Program) may be designated by the ACS Board of Governors.  Associates also receive information on and an application form for a medical emergency bracelet/necklace at no obligation to ACS.


Supporters receive only publication(s) and other general mailings.  No program participation benefits apply.


Contributors are those individuals and organizations interested only in donating to ACS charitable funds.  These include the ACS AIDS Research Fund and the Susan N. Marcus Rare, Threatened and Endangered Species Preservation Fund.  Contributors receive special mailings regarding the activities and work of the funds which they contribute to and are welcome to participate in other ACS sponsored programs.  Contributions should be made out to the American Cryonics Society and a letter of directions should accompany any dedicated gifts.  Contact ACS or see our web site for more information on these special programs.


Subscribers receive a subscription to The Immortalist, a magazine distributed by the Cryonics Institute.  Subscribers also receive publications and other general mailings.  No program participation benefits apply.