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"Big Book of Handspinning"

Alden Amos' Big Book of Handspinning
Alden Amos' Big Book of Handspinning is available NOW, all 496 pages of it!
Nearly 500 illustrations! It's big. It's bad. It has an attitude!

$39.95 plus 3.95 shipping.
(California residents add $2.90)

Spinning Cotton and Know Your Wheel DVDs
"Spinning Cotton" by Stephenie Gaustad "Know Your Wheel" by Alden Amos
     Take a virtual trip to sit in Stephenies kitchen and see cotton spun. The processes of ginning, carding, willowing and puni making precede spinning on several spindles (ahka, beadwhorl and tahkli as well as charkhas) and standard flyer bobbin wheels. See the progress from seed cotton to set, finished yarn. Hot mug of tea not included.      This double DVD set features a lively interview with Alden Amos on the first disc. The topics are basic and include lubricating your wheel (where, when, with what and how much), what to do with your drivecord and is it important?, what makes your wheel go "clunk", and answers to "why won't my wheel take up my yarn?".
$34.95, 2-DVD set
Click Here to order.
$34.95, 2-DVD set
Click Here to order.

Spinning Wheel Primer by Alden Amos.
Spinning Wheel Primer by Alden Amos - Sorry! No longer available.

Spin-Off Magazines
Spin-Off Magazine
Issues Available:

Spring 1993 - Winter 1993
Spring 1994 - Fall 1994
Spring 1995 - Summer 1995 - Fall 1995 - Winter 1995
Spring 1996 - Summer 1996
Spring 1997 - Fall 1997 - Winter 1997
Summer 1998 - Fall 1998 - Winter 1998
Spring 1999 - Summer 1999 - Fall 1999 - Winter 1999
Spring 2000 - Summer 2000

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