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Nadine, the shop Goddess
Nadine, the shop cat/goddess

All prices are in US funds. All prices are subject to change without notice.
Ask for quote. Prices do not include taxes & shipping.

Banjo Cotton - $2.25 per ounce
Banjo Cotton is a high-class, space-dyed cotton sliver, in original & traditional color combinations. The dyes used are from the fiber-reactive group. Carefully & creatively applied right here in our own dyeworks. The colors available are note specific (not with space-dyeing!), but fall into broad classes of colors, as follows:

Reds, Blues, Purples, Greens, Browns, Oranges & Yellows.
Yarns spun from Banjo must be boiled! You should boil your cotton yarn anyway, & with Banjo, it is the best way to ensure that all un-reacted dyestuff has been taken care of. Boil it, scour it & rinse it after spinning until the water comes clean. This may take more than one wash/rinse, but do it anyway.
Carded Wools - Rainbow Batts - $22.00 per pound

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