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Small and Medium Flax Hackle
Small Flax Hackle - $80.00
Fitted with 22 3" steel pins, arranged in 3 rows, 7-8-7. Forged square and sharp, includes pin straightener and safety cover. Must be clamped (clamps not included) or otherwise fastened to suitable work surface.

Medium Flax Hackle - $100.00
Has 22 5" steel pins, driven through a 5" by 7" base block. Must be clamped (clamps not ncluded) or otherwise fastened to suitable work surface. Point-hardened pins are forged square and sharp. Arranged in three rows: 7-8-7. Set-up includes hold down screws, pin straightener and "tourist" pin guard, or safety cover.

Large Flax Hackle
Large Flax Hackle - $275.00
51 steel pins in heavy base, arranged in 7 rows 6-7-8-9-8-7-6. 6-pin rows have 5" pins; 7-pin rows have 6" pins; 8-pin rows have 7" pins, and the 9-pin row has 7-3/4" pins. All pins are forged square, and are quite sharp. Pin block is about 6" long by 7" long, mounted on heavy base plank, 18" long by 8" wide. Must be clamped (clamps not included) or otherwise fastened to suitable work surface. Includes cover box, handled "picking" pin, pin straightener and point dresser.

Skutching Sword
Scutching Sword - $25.00
Maple, 15"
Beetle Mallets
Beetle Mallet - $50.00
Flax Break - Ask for quote
Traditional-style flax break. Used to break up the woody stems of linum after retting. About 60" long, 36" high: has a 40" by 20" footprint. 'Knocks down' for transport, storage. Constructed of oak, maple. Design we use was published by E. Worst, circa 1920. Will break 10-30 pounds of flax per hour, dependent upon operator vigor.

A word about woods:
Much of what we make is constructed of 'MLH' or 'Mixed Light Hardwoods'... which is to say mostly maple, birch, beech & the like. The woods are not light in weight, just light-colored.

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