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Ahkas Spindles
Ahka Spindles - $22 to $26 each
Traditional 'center-whorl' spindle from the Far East. Used in same mode as bead whorl spindles. Central whorl is 2-1/4" in dia., 3/16" thick. Shaft is 10" long. Spindle weighs about 1-1/2 oz.

Currently available in the following woods:
Bird's Eye Maple, Pecan, Walnut, Maple & Cherry
Student Spindle - $8.00
Inexpensive, robust top-whorl & bottom whorl spindles for student, class or contest use. 12" shaft, 3" whorl, either notched end (bottom-whorl) or steel hook (top-whorl) for securing yarn to spindle. MLH. Specify top-whorl or bottom-whorl.
Standard Spindle - $15.00
Conventional bottom-whorl design. Decorated 12" tapered shaft, carefully turned & balanced 'cupped' whorl. Whorl about 3-12" in dia. weighs about 6 oz. Rather spiffy, detailed finish. Spindles are 'spin-balanced'. No two alike. Oak, cherry, maple, bird's-eye maple, alder, pecan, myrtle, apple, walnut, osage orange.

Coin Tahklis
Coin Spindle - $25.00
Supported spindles, used in the 'tahkli' mode. Excellent for cotton, silk, fine wools. Steel 'hooked' shaft is about 8" long. We make these from retired, damaged & foreign coins.

Heavy Tahkli
Heavy Tahkli Spindle - $30.00
Heavy steel supported. 8" steel shaft, forged hook top. Polished, 'damascened' steel whorl, spiral & radial patterns. Whorl about 1¼" in dia., approx. 3/16" thick. Carefully balanced. Knurled or scored finger grips on shaft.

Balkan Spindle
Balkan Spindle - $42.00
Double whorl hook-top spindle design from central & southern Europe. Primarily for flax, the design allows the whorls to be removed & the shaft to be used for yarn storage (for plying, etc.), or as a stick shuttle. Good for fine yarns. Whorl about 2" in dia., shaft about 12" long. Weighs about 3 oz. Steel wire hook top. Oak, walnut, maple, bird's-eye maple, others.

Southwestern Spindles
Southwestern Spindles
Southwestern Spindles
above-  Southwestern Spindle - $50.00
Pueblo-style spindle for lap or thigh spinning. An authentic replica, made of appropriate woods (cottonwood, pine, pecan, cedar). Carefully split, carved & scraped to shape by hand. Double-ended tapered shaft is 20" long, about 1/2" dia. in center, 3/16" at ends; whorl is approx. 3-1/2" dia., 1/4" thick. whorl is removal, may be positioned anywhere over center third of shaft. Spindle weighs about 2-1/2 oz.

Turkish Spindle

Turkish Spindle
Turkish (Macedonian) Spindle - $35.00
This spindle type has been found in Tibet, possibly introduced by camp followers of Alexander the Great. A drop spindle designed to wind a center-pull ball, as you spin. 14" tapered sq. spindle shaft. Removable cross-arms serve as whorl. Carved knob top, 2cross arms. Weighs about 8 oz., makes a 5 oz. ball of yarn. Oak, cherry, MLH.

Stone Tahklis
North Sea Drop Spindle - $35.00
This traditional tool features a stone spindle whorl, about 2-1/2" to 3" dia. 10" tapered shaft, about 5/8" dia. at whorl end. Stone whorl hand bored, rough-shaped for balance. Whorl disk not likely to be 'round', but will spin true. Carved hook & groove on top of spindle shaft. Spindle shaft is oak, ash; stone whorl is local creek bed. complete spindle weighs about 5 oz.

High Whorl Spindle - hook on top
Top Whorl (Egyptian) Spindle - $25.00
Simple, fast & reliable. Probably the most productive garment yarn hand spindle there is. Skilled users exceed 3 yds. per minute for a 1000 YPP woolen yarn. 12" shaft, 3-12" whorl. Heavy steel hook. Weighs about 4 oz. Oak or maker's choice.

Bead Whorl Spindle - $15.00
Double taper shaft, with stone, metal, clay or glass bead fitted at shaft center. Used for spinning fine, high-twist cottons, wools, hairs after the ancient Andean fashion. 10" shaft, about 5/32" in dia; spherical bead about 5/8" to 3/4".
Distaff Base - $300.00
Holds distave with shafts from 3/8" dia. up to 3/4". 3 legs, 'kidney bean' bench, turned upright & crosspiece. holds 2 staves at once, screw adjust. Oak, cherry, maple, MLH. footprints into an 18" circle, 48" tall, staff height adjustable (up to 80" tall, with staves fully extended).

Freestanding Distaff
Freestanding Distaff - $425.00
'Sleeping Beauty' styling; round, decorative bench, 3 fancy turned legs, jointed, turned & carved staff. Staff is 2 or 3 sections with iron or copper ferrules at joints. Overall height is 70". Oak, walnut, cherry.

Tow Distaff
Tow Distaff - $65.00
Simple 'rod-&-spikes' type. Head fits standard 7/16" staff. Designed to hold flax tow, broken hemp, short hair/wool mixes. Also good for sliver. Head is 10" long, two rows of 3" to 5" wooden spikes. 6 spikes to a row. MLH. furnished with 30" staff; us as-is in waistband or "Distaff Base" (support not included).

Birdcage Distaff
Birdcage Distaff - $95.00
'Crown Imperial or 'Fairy Godmother' style: airy open bent-wood & wicker work, decorative turnings, burned lines, etc. Multi-tiered bentwork. 10" in dia., 12" long. No two are alike. MLH. furnished with 30" standard shaft.

Medieval Distaff
Medieval Distaff - $110.00
Design from Medieval illustrations. Always associated with flax & hemp spinning. Long, graceful bentwood arrangement. 16" long, double-taper; center dia. of 4". Oak. Furnished with 50" hand-cut octagonal waistband staff, for use with drop spindles.
Lantern Distaff - $90.00
Scandinavian-style all-purpose distaff. Bentwood strapwork, double disk arrangement. 10" long, 3" in dia. MLH. Furnished with standard 30" shaft.

Rustic Distaff
Rustic Distaff - No longer available
Historically accurate from pre-history to present. Cut from selected brushwood; 50" staff & 'claw-basket' type head are one piece. No two are alike. Some decorative work done by burning, carving.
Greek Distaff - $120.00
Classical flat distaff, with bentwood straps in concentric heart, circle & oval motifs. 20" 'plank' center piece, shaped & carved. Carved ribbon knobs. Furnished with 50" waistband staff, for use with drop spindles.

Handheld Distaff
Hand Distaff - $65.00
Generic variation of old Roman short-shaft, one-handed distaff. Overall length of 24", handle is about 5" long. Plain shaft fitted with double disks & ribbon knob. Works well with supported, bead-whorl & drop spindles.

Wrist Distaff, With and Without Beads
Wrist Distaff: plain - $15.00; with beads - $25.00
Twisted cord distaff to hold cotton sliver or roving ready to hand. Worn on the drafting hand, around the wrist. Keeps roving from flopping around, even while walking or drafting quickly. Works well with bead-whorls, supported spindles & charkhas. Natural fibers. One size fits all.

A word about woods:
Much of what we make is constructed of 'MLH' or 'Mixed Light Hardwoods'... which is to say mostly maple, birch, beech & the like. The woods are not light in weight, just light-colored.

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