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Weaving Archaic Textiles - Backstrap Loom
Belt Looms, 2 Harness Table Loom, Sprang, & Frame Looms
Photos & more information coming soon.

Tape Loom
Student Tapeloom - $45.00
Tablet beam, string heddles. MLH.

Ladybird Loom
'Ladybird' Two-Shaft Sample Loom - $200.00
Small & rugged, yet full-featured: removable batten fitted with stainless steel reed. Has positive, symmetrical shed changes via top lever. Friction adjustment to hold shed positions. Beams have cog & pawl warp tension adjustments. Comes with apron rods, tie-cords, heddle jig, stainless steel reed, 100 string heddles, assortment of sticks (packing & shed) & two flat shuttles. Weaving width: 10". Warp length: a 3 yd. warp is possible. Loom external dimensions: 14" L x 14" W x 14" H. Weight: about 7 lbs. Choose reed dent from 4, 5, 6, 8 per inch.
Stick Shuttles - 10-1/2" - $9.00
Stick Shuttles - 12-1/2" - $9.50
Stick Shuttles - 15" - $13.00
Stick Shuttles - 18" - $16.00
Rag Shuttle - $30.00
Mini Rag Shuttle - $16.00

Weave Needles
Weaving Needle - $1.00 per inch
8" minimum at $8.00. Additional $1.00 per inch above 8", limit 30".

L-o-n-g & tough! Steel needles for Navajo weaving & similar work, to get those last few picks in place. Also for pillow closing, mattress work, basketry, ribbons, etc. State length wanted from 8" to 30". we forge them to order.
Shedswords - small $12.00

A word about woods: Much of what we make is constructed of 'MLH' or 'Mixed Light Hardwoods'... which is to say mostly maple, birch, beech & the like. The woods are not light in weight, just light-colored.

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