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Williamsburg Clock Reel
Colonial Clock Reels - $1,100.00
A 'generic' facsimile of typical North American clock reel, circa 1700-1800. This is a composite design, not a duplicate of any one reel. 6 arms, 2 yd. circumference, 'weasel' pops every 36 turns; 'clock' dial reads out in 2-yd increments. Wooden gears & works. Construction methods & materials appropriate to historical era. Decorative turnings, details. Hand-forged ironwork, replaceable hickory 'popper'. Knocks down for transport, storage. Heavy 3-legged base. Oak. Stand 50" tall, about 40" wide, 30" deep.

Midwest Clock Reel
Midwest Clock Reel - $600.00
A design published by E. Worst, circa 1920, for use in schools, shops & homes. Simple, open-frame construction, wooden worm & gear counter, 36-turn popper, 4 arms, 2-yd circumference, 'clock' dial reads 4-yd increments. 3-leged 'chunk' base. Knocks down for transport, storage. Reel & worm lift to reset counter. Oak & maple. Stands 45" tall, 40" wide, 20" deep.

Silk Reel
Silk Reel - $35.00 These are end-feed small reels, about 7 inches tall and 4 by 4 inches square. Good for reeling silk or processing any fine yarn. Their nickname in our shop is "Shaker Spaceship".

description of photo
Yarn Blocker - $250.00     extra reel - $95.00
Base + 2 reels. Reels are 1-1/2 yds around, 16" long. Strong, light weight. Extra reels available.

Squirrelcage Swift
Squirrel Cage Swift - MLH - $600.00
A great help when un-winding large skeins. One-handed adjustment. For skeins from 1/3 yd to 2-1/2 yds around. 60" tall, 18" by 18" base. For studio, teaching use, knitters... all who convert skeins to spools, bobbins, shuttle pirns, cones or center-pull balls. Oak, MLH.
Bristol Cross - No longer available
Actually a rope & cord swift, used in ropewalks. Nothing better to salvage a tangled or broken skein. Works with fine "problem" yarns. Adjusts from 10" around to 72" around, turns easily on heavy 'chunk' base. Arms 30" across, pegs 14" tall. MLH.
Lantern Swift - MLH - $425.00
For heavy use (studio, shop). Non-adjustable, takes skeins from 1-1/2 yds to 2-1/4 yds. 34" tall. Base is 24" square. Oak, MLH.

Bobbin winder, Core Adaptor & Cone
Small Bobbin Winder - $120.00
Similar to Harrisville DesignsTM item except larger, more robust. No drive cord tension adjustment. 5-3/4" dia. wheel. 7-to-1 drive ratio, 5" steel split-shaft spindle. Choose 1/4" dia. or 5/16" dia. Winder clamps to work surface; clamp not included.

Large Bobbin Winder
Large Bobbin Winder - $185.00
Adjustable drive tension & head angle. Fitted with JacobsTM or type-similar drill chuck; accepts wide variety of quills, shafts, adapters. Furnished with 1/4" & 5/16" dia. split-shaft steel spindles, chuck key. 9" wheel, 8-to-1 drive ratio, plenty of torque. Clamps to work surface; clamp not included.

Pirn Pins
Pirn Pins - $12.00
Use to hold wheel & storage bobbins. For cross-reeling, rewinding, skeining, etc. Handy for rope-making, warping. Specify 5/16", 1/4", 3/16" dia. shaft.

Storage Bobbins - Jumbo, Standard & Fine
Storage Bobbins,
Fine - $12.00; Standard - $16.00; Jumbo - $20.00
Fine (cotton/silk) Bobbins: 1-1/4" core, 5" long, 2" disk.
Standard Bobbins: 7/8" core, 4-1/2" long, 3" disk.
Jumbo Bobbins: 1-1/4" core, 7" long, 5" disk, 3/8" bore.
For plying, twisting, warping. center bores: 1/4", 5/16", 3/8". When ordering, state bore size.

Niddy Noddies

Niddy-Noddies are so-called because of 1) the dipping, nodding movement used when winding yarn; 2) the cadence rhyme used when winding... i.e. "Niddy-noddy, niddy-noddy, has two heads but just one body...", or words to that effect.

1 & 2 yd Niddy-Noddies
1 yd Niddy-Noddies

Standard Niddy
Standard Niddy Noddy - $30.00
Produces 1-1/2 yd skeins. MLH, some decoration. Turned 8" heads, 14" handle. Heads are fixed in place, do not turn.

Flatcut Niddy
Flat-Cut Niddy Noddy - $55.00
Winds 2-yd skeins. Choice of maple, walnut, cherry, hickory, pecan. Fancy turned & carved handle, flat carved, pierced & incised heads.

Rustic Niddy
Rustic Niddy Noddy - $25.00
Cut from the same stock as our chair & stool rungs. Spokeshave & drawknife work, not turned. Winds approx. 1 1/2 to 2-yd skein. Charming, robust & rustic. Local timbers, mostly toyon & oak.

Contest Niddy
Contest Niddy Noddy - $15.00 in lots of 4 or more
Winds 54" (1-1/2 yd) skeins. Designed to serve the needs of contest sponsors & officials for an accurate, consistent & inexpensive niddy. Same niddy used at Convergence '90 in San Jose. MLH. Curved heads, plain stick handle.

Silk Niddy
Silk Niddy Noddy - $40.00 and up
Very fancy, highly polished. turned detail, flat pierced work. 1/2 yd. skeins. Ornate & elegant. Small, decorative niddy for that extra-special yarn. Works just like a big niddy. Slightly curved arms. Bird's-eye maple, persimmon (American ebony), cherry, walnut, osage orange, others at times. NO rainforest or third-world exotics.

Jumbo Niddy
Jumbo Niddy Noddy - $50.00
This one is big, winding a 3-yd. skein. Suitable for cord, rope use, or rags for rugs. Oak or maple, usually. Might be just the item for someone who has everything.

A word about woods: Much of what we make is constructed of 'MLH' or 'Mixed Light Hardwoods'... which is to say mostly maple, birch, beech & the like. The woods are not light in weight, just light-colored.

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