ModPlug Developer Information

Since Mod-Plugin v1.75, you can now use NPMOD32.DLL in your own programs; the following functions are defined in the DLL:

NPMOD32 1.80 Additions

NPMOD32 1.91 Additions

Source Code
Download C++ (Visual C++, MFC) sample source code of a mod player using npmod32.dll (200K) .
Download C++ (Visual C++, MFC) full source code of a basic mod/nst player (110K). .
GModPlay: Linux player based on the Modplug Engine.

Modplug Sound System SDK

Download the ModPlug Sound System SDK for use in your C++ applications.(80K)
View the Modplug Sound System SDK C++ header file
View the Modplug Sound System SDK Delphi header file

For Visual Basic programmers, David W. Yip gave me the following declaration for the npmod32.dll functions:

More detailed information for Visual Basic, by David Yip.
More detailed information for Delphi 3.x, by Anthony Chatman.
Delphi Sample Source Code, by Gabe Bauman.