ModPlug Beta News

ModPlug Tracker 1.16
--< 1.16 >--
Added support for DirectX Media Objects
Fixed possible random crash when using VST plugins
Player engine v1.45.02 (Increased max mix channels from 128 to 200)
--< 1.15 >--
VST effect control through midi macros (SFx+F0F080z)
Mute and solo individual instrument
Improved Impulse Tracker keyboard mapping preset
Faster sample editor display of large samples
Fixed MP3 export bug (worked only once)
ASIO support

ModPlug Player 1.46
--< 1.46 >--
Added support for modules using DirectX Media Audio Effects
Improved sound device handling
Support modules with up to 1000 samples
Increased max mix channels from 128 to 200
--< 1.45 >--
New improved reverb engine with more presets

Mod-Plugin v1.91
Updated Modplug Sound Library to 1.42

(Last updated April 16th, 2002)