Die Angelschlacht (the pivotal battle) 1944 covers the 25th SS PG\12SS Panzer division's counterattack on June 7th against the strung out Canadian forces west of Caen. The 12thSS struck with 45 tanks and quickly advanced causing a panic to the allies. The Canadians had little armor and were out of artillery range. The battle lasted 6 hours and the SS advanced only a few miles but this attack delayed the allied advance for another 30 days! The game has over 280 counters and one 11x17" map, rulebook. Include in the game are unique random events that makes game play never the same. For those interested in historical or what games, player's may choose to do either. The game contains many scenarios.

Each hex is 200-250 yds, each turn is 30 min. Units are company level, each with a morale and movement rating. Actual fire strengths depend on the unit firing, type of attack, range to target, and weapon firing. New rules cover random events, anti-aircraft fire, air units, M10's, Panther tanks. If you have the previous version of Vital Ground send proof (color portion of map) to buy it for only $11.00. Otherwise, cost is $16.00.