The High Tech Ski Equipment of the 1960's
by Gene Leach

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In the early 1960’s, I purchased what I thought was one of the early bindings to be called, safety bindings. They were made in Germany. I skied for a couple of seasons and never came out of the bindings, so I really wondered about them. One day the Shasta College Ski Club, the Hickory Knights, were skiing at the old Mount Shasta Ski Bowl. We had made a run and added a small jump for excitement. Late in the day the run fell into the shadows and the snow became icy and very fast. I came down the approach much too fast and taking the jump I really became air borne. I can recall actually attempting to climb down through the air. When I hit, I cart-wheeled across the hard snow. I was surprised to see that my bindings had released. For certain the safety bindings must have worked. When I walked over to put my skis back on I was shocked to see the sole of my boots still attached to the skis with hundreds of little nails sticking up. I may not have had safety bindings, but I had safety boots. I walked back down the slope to the chalet and shortly after bought a new pair of boots.
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