Equipment and Clothing Check List
by Paul Richins, Jr.
(updated 12/14/98)

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Below is a check list of suggested equipment and clothing to take on a multi-day backpacking or a ski mountaineering trip in the winter. Photocopy the list and use it. For summer backpacking, leave the skis and winter related items at home. These items have been noted with an asterisk (*). I hope the list will serve as a convenient reminder and quick check against accidentally leaving a critical item at home thereby potentially sabotaging a great trip with your friends.

My primary advise is to go light!!! I have observed that many hikers and backcountry skiers, even the experienced, take too much with them on overnight trips. You can get by with a lot less than you think, without sacrificing safety. Especially in the Sierra Nevada where the winter climate is relatively mild and the summer weather warm, compared with other mountain ranges in the world.

Speed in the mountains equates to safety and enjoyment. It is difficult to move through the mountains quickly with an oversized pack, weighing 40 or 50 pounds, stuffed to the brim with the latest gadgets from your favorite mountaineering store. When considering purchasing items; whether it be skis, boots, a Gore-Tex parka or pants, a pack, sleeping bag, think function and weight. Refer to the equipment buyers guide for suggestions on purchasing tents, packs, skis and the top ten equipment and clothing innovations. Most items end up in your pack and on your back, so the weight of each item is critical. If a weeks worth of supplies will not fit inside a 4,500 cubic inch internal frame pack, you are taking too much.

Individual Items

Group Equipment

Optional Items

Mandatory Items

Don’t forget the food!!! See alpine cuisine and recommended food list.
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