Mount Baker Sets World Snowfall Record (updated 5/25/99)

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Mount Baker Ski area in Washington reported it has unofficially broken the world's record for season snowfall. Two inches of new snow fell on May 12, 1999, bringing the total since July 1 to 1,124 inches, or 96.6 feet. The average snowfall at Baker is 615 inches, or 51.2 feet.

This is the third record Mount Baker has broken this year. The previous record of 1,122.5 inches of snowfall in a season was set at Mount Rainier's Paradise in the 1971-1972 season, which records snowfall at 5,420 feet. The nearly 97 feet of snow that has fallen at Mount Baker since Nov.1, 1998, was recorded at an elevation of 4,300 feet. July 1 to June 30 is considered the official snowfall season.

Mount Baker has also surpassed Rainier in snowfall recorded in a winter season, Nov. 1 until April 30. This winter season, Baker recorded 1,096 inches, or 91.3 feet to Rainier's 1,038 inches, or 86.5 feet. And for February, Mount Baker bested its own record for the most snowfall in a month with 304 inches. Its previous record was set in December 1996 with 294 inches.

This newest record will remain "unofficial" until evaluated by the National Climate Extremes Committee and an application review by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Mount Baker is located approximately 60 miles east of the Pacific Ocean in the Northern Cascades of Washington State about 20 miles from the U.S./Canadian border.

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