Photo Gallery (9/28/08)

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Click on Trinity Alps in winter for unique photos of the winter landscape. View photos from Trekking California. This beautiful guide is filled with color photos as well as California's best multi-day backpack trips. There are more photos with the article "Climbing Mount Whitney With a Ten-Year Old Girl". Check out More Outdoor Links for the websites of a few popular outdoor photographers.

Photo above--During the first night it snowed a couple of inches. This was the scene that greated me that morning at Little Bear Lake. A photographer's delight. Photo by Paul Richins.

Photo left--The view on the hike down from White Bear Lake to Little Bear Lake with Seven Gables dominating the background. The Bear Lakes Basin is an extremely scenic area containing about 20 named lakes and many tarns. The basin is located south of Lake Italy between Seven Gables and Mount Julius Caesar. The following group of photos was taken in mid September 2005. Photo by Paul Richins.

Clearing storm at Big Bear Lake. Photo by Paul Richins

Christmas and a Christmas tree in September at Little Bear Lake. Photo by Paul Richins.

A self portrait above Little Bear Lake. Photo by Paul Richins.

By the following morning most of the snow had melted at Little Bear Lake. Photo by Paul Richins.

A small pool by my camp at White Bear Lake. Photo by Paul Richins.

Little Bear Lake with Seven Gables in the background. The fall colors around the shore of the lake were a brilliant red. Photo by Paul Richins.

The two photos above were taken by Russ Lowgren with a large-fromat camera using Fujii Velvia transparency film.. Cathedral Peak is perfectly reflected in Cathedral Lake. This beautiful lake is along the John Muir Trail and is a short hike south of Tuolumne Meadows in Yosemite National Park. To preview more of Russ' work go to--

My 79 year-old Dad fishing in the stream and meadow below Alpine Lake (Trinity Alps). Dad "lucked out" and easily caught enough trout for dinner for our party of four hungry hikers in less than an hour. Photo by Paul Richins, Jr.

Photo taken north of Lassen Volcanic National Park by my good friend Gene Leach. I dedicated my book Mount Whitney: The Complete Trailhead-to-Summit Guide to him

Prince, my American Eskimo Dog, has climbed more than 100 peaks with me in the summer and winter in the Sierra Nevada and Cascade Range. He sleeps outside the tent at night in all weather conditions including blizzards and -10 degree temperatures. He weighs only 19 pounds but is a very durable dog that loves the mountains and snow. Photos by Judi Richins.

Outlet for Precipice Lake located along the High Sierra Trail in Sequoia National Park. Photo by Judi Richins.

Paul Richins at Precipice Lake. Precipice Lake was made famous by Ansel Adams' extraordinary black and white photo of the lake and the stark black cliffs surrounding the lake. This photo was taken by Judi Richins.

The Natural Colors of Precipice Lake. Seen from afar, the cliff looks jet black but under closer examination we can see that is not the case. Photo by Judi Richins.

Precipice Lake along the High Sierra Trail. Photo by Judi Richins.

Waterfall and Angel Wing along the High Sierra Trail below Hamilton Lake. Photo by Judi Richins

Paul Richins with tripod and camera beneath Angel Wing just off the High Sierra Trail. Photo by Judi Richins.

Two photos of the colorful rocks and water at Precipice Lake.Photos by Judi Richins

Backcountry Resource Center by Paul Richins, Jr.

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