Trinity Alps Photographs
by Paul Richins, Jr.
(updated 5/25/04)

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Photographs of my April 2004 ski trip into the Trinity Alps. I camped two nights about 1/2 mile upstream from Upper Canyon Creek Lake and visited "L" Lake and ascended and ski from the summits of Thompson Peak and Caesar Cap Peak. See the two articles published in the Trinity Journal describing the ascent and ski descent of Sawtooth Mountain (April 2003) and the ascent and ski descent of Thompson Peak and Caesar Cap Peak (April 2004).

Looking down on Upper and Lower Canyon Creek Lakes from near my camp.

Open water at the upper end of Lower Canyon Creek Lake.

Below Thompson Peak looking toward Wedding Cake. I ascended the snow ridge to the low gap in the ridge between Wedding Cake and Thompson Peak.

Now on the ridge's low point between Thompson Peak and Wedding Cake looking toward Wedding Cake

Caesar Cap Peak and Mount Shasta from Thompson Peak. The route from Canyon Creek Lakes crosses the low gap in Sawtooth Ridge ascending from the right. On the left is the glacier above Grizzly Lake.

From Thompson Peak, looking across the glacier above Grizzly Lake to Caesar Cap Peak and Mount Shasta. This is a slight telephoto angle of the photo on the left.

Thompson Peak from Caesar Cap Peak. The low gap in Sawtooth Ridge can be seen and the route to Canyon Creek Lakes is through the pass to the left.

Moonrise above Sawtooth Mountain from my camp above Upper Canyon Creek Lake.

Sawtooth Mountain from Caesar Cap Peak. In April 2003, I climbed to the summit of Sawtooth and skied from the notch to the left of the summit.

Sawtooth Mountain from Thompaon Peak. "L" Lake is in the lower portion of the photo but hidden from view by the intervening ridge.

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