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This and Thought

This game, while nothing like the miriad Dictionary/Fictionary/"make-up fake definitions" games, nevertheless, uses a dictionary's structure as part of the play; namely, the pair of words at the top of each page that indicate the first and last entries to be found there.

Very simply, one person selects a page at random (looking only at the top of the page) from a dictionary at hand and reveals the two words at the top (the ones indicating the first and last entries -- as mentioned above) for all the players to write down. Then, using a timer (with perhaps a standard three minute setting -- or whatever is agreed upon), everyone writes down as many words as possible in the specified time limit that fall alphabetically between these two words (in other words, ones that woudl be found on the selected page).

When the alloted time is up, the person who picked the page begins reading the entry words in order on the selected page, pausing between each entry to allow players to see if it is on their own lists.

Boggle/Scattergories-style scoring is used here; i.e. any word that is on two or more lists is crossed off, and any word that is on one player's list only scores a point for that player.

Note that the selected dictionary is the final authority. If a player comes up with a word that is not in the particular dictionary being used in the game, the word does not count. Variations (plural, past tense, etc) count as part of the main entry, but if the dictionary lists a phrase separately, it counts separately. Again, the dictionary used is the final authority on what counts and what doesn't.

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