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Sketchy Details

Drawings and Doodlings
by Stanley E. Anderson

I suppose everybody doodles on scratch paper during long, boring meetings. "Only Stanley would create doodles like these", says Angelee. It's true. I usually take a "quad pad" and pen to the meetings for notes (which I never end up taking), and I begin making designs in the square grid of the pad. As I add on, I duplicate the patterns on all four sides of the existing pattern and keep building it up. I don't really plan it out, I just add things as I go, and by the end of the meeting, I will have completed an interesting tile pattern. Occasionally I veer from the square pattern, as the example to the right shows (Angelee refers to it as the "antique clock"), but I have a whole folder of various tile patterns like the ones above. doodling tile #4

The following drawings and sketches were done quite a while back,
but they are still some of my favourites.

Michelob bottle with straw flower This drawing was done for an invitation to a party whose theme was "Nothing Fancy".
Drawing for "Nothing Fancy" party invitation
by Stanley E. Anderson

U.C. Berkeley Campanile This was another drawing for a card.
Campanile at U.C. Berkeley Campus
by Stanley E. Anderson

rose in cheap vase I think I used this drawing originally on some kind of syrupy (or at least I am sure I would think so now) love card to a girlfriend in high school (or was it college? - I don't remember).
Rose in Cheap Vase
by Stanley E. Anderson

lying rose Another card, I suppose. I guess I had a thing for roses.
Lying Rose
by Stanley E. Anderson

The scans for these two sketches turned out so well that I'm afraid to touch the screen for fear of getting charcoal all over my fingers.

charcoal sketch of bear at zoo charcoal sketch of parrot at zoo

Additionally, a drawing I did for Angelee's novel
Voyage of the Honour Bound
can be viewed on that page.

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