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The Sunrise Path tape cover


A 14-Piece Musical Suite
by Angelee Sailer Anderson,

Listen to the opening
"Dragon-Prowed Ship"
(approx 670 kb)

Listen to
"Chevalier's Shanty"
followed by the
theme of "Paradise Beyond the Wave"

(approx 500 kb)

Cassette cover art by David Fernald

Home-produced CDs of The Sunrise Path are available at a cost of $15 per CD inclusive of shipping. For ordering information, e-mail me at sangreal@jps.net.


1. Dragon-Prowed Ship (5:15) 2. Of Sheep, Brigands, and Kings (4:34) 3. Maelstrom (3:17) 4. Wyrmish Scales Clattering (3:01) 5. Chevalier's Shanty (3:06) 6. Serpentine (2:29) 7. Death Cast in Gold (2:50) 8. Thump (3:43) 9. Where Night Dreams Wake (2:58) 10. Starry Bride (3:42) 11. Hunt Through the Far Eastern Sea (5:04) 12. Brightness Past Bearing (4:43) 13. Paradise Beyond the Wave (5:37) 14. Dragon-Prowed Ship (Finale) (3:19)
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