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The Eyewitness Books Game

Dorling-Kindersley publishes the Eyewitness Book series, a wonderful set of picture (photographic) books on a variety of subjects; from pirates, to whales, to Biblical lands to buildings. Just looking through them made me want to make a game out of them.


The play of this game is perhaps more random and mechanical than many of my other games and is also well-suited, I think, for children (the Eyewitness Books are designed for children, after all.) The enjoyment comes primarily from looking through the books during play. The players try to "cross off" all the icons on their sheets by tracing picture outlines throughout the book.



Another Game-like Activity

Note: Another idea that I haven't had a chance to try yet, is to use a copy machine to print the icon pattern from the book directly onto the transparency. The patterns in the books are white images on grey background. Ideally, the negative image of the patterns would work better (grey icons on a white background), but perhaps the grey background can be copied onto the transparency without becoming opaque. This would allow the player to cross out the icons directly after drawing the outline without having to turn to the back of the book.

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