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Stanley E. Anderson's Loose Cannons

Stanley E. Anderson's Loose Cannons

I have created this page for the purpose of presenting and discussing unusual philosophical, scientific, mathematical, and theological ideas that may be "on the fringes." These are ideas that I wonder about, but don't necessarily believe or have strong opinions on.

The key word is "unusual." Subjects like "UFO's," "ESP," or "How can a good and loving God allow evil in the world" might be fascinating to discuss, but, because they are common and popular subjects, there are already numerous existing outlets for them. I would rather devote my web space to more obscure subjects. Note, however, that this will not be a place for discussions of the occult (see the Introduction to the Theology section.)

With a few exceptions, these subjects are presented as questions, or "wonderments." A few are analogies that illustrate a viewpoint, but the purpose is usually to question a prevailing opinion without necessarily indicating what viewpoint should replace it.

I am dividing Loose Cannons into separate pages for the four categories mentioned above: Philosophy, Science, Mathematics, and Theology (I have also lately added a Humour category). Some subjects overlap categories, but I will put them into what I see as their primary category.

The subjects discussed here are of varying complexity. Although many of them involve only common knowledge, some require at least a familiarity with certain scientific or mathematical concepts. My purpose here is not an attempt at general education; but I will try to give a brief description of the information needed as a foundation for each Loose Cannon subject. Please realize that these will be simplifications, and thus necessarily incomplete and potentially misleading summaries.

I welcome comments. I discuss many subjects here, and I can't go on indefinitely without saying at least a couple of stupid things. If you have opinions on any of the subjects, or the specific knowledge to answer any of the scientific or mathematical questions, please e-mail me at sangreal@jps.net. I would also like to post responses here. If you don't wish to have your response posted, please note this in your e-mail.

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