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This is an online version of Probable Proverbs. The original "dining room table" version is described on my Wine Dark Sea Games page. The online version displays probable proverbs created and submitted by visitors to this page. There is no attempt at scoring here; just the pleasure of reading clever creations and seeing one's own creations posted.

Briefly, one attempts to re-phrase items in any of the catetgories (i.e. proverbs, quotations, media and common objects/situations, songs, etc) using as many words that start with the same letter as possible (the literary term for this is alliteration). Here is an example:

Original Proverb: Too many cooks spoil the broth.
Probable Proverb: Multiple meal-makers mutilate mulligatawny.

Keep in mind that the rephrasing does not have to be an exact, word-for-word synonym substitution, either. One can rephrase the intent of the proverb, or even work off of a pun or alternate meaning of some of the words in the original. The idea is to keep them fun, entertaining, and clever.

New candidates for alliteration will be added regularly to the top of the category lists, and visitors are encouraged to submit Probable Proverbs for any of the items in the lists, new or old, and may select any of the 26 letters (or even combination sounds like "ch", "sh", etc) to alliterate with. Submissions for letters not yet used in a category are to be encouraged, but multiple submissions using the same alliterating letter are acceptable (in fact it is sometimes interesting to see the variety possible when the same letter is used for different submissions of the same candidate).

The forms on this and the other Probable Proverbs Online pages are not yet working properly, so you can send in your submissions by normal email to (look at the forms, though, to see what type of information to send by email). I will try to post them to the appropriate page as soon after receiving them as possible.

Note: sections with recent (10/13/98) submissions are marked *.

* Proverbs
(Traditional and Biblical)
* Media
(TV, Movies, Ads)
(Historical and Literary)
* Other
(Common Objects, Situations, Events)
Songs and Music
(Titles and single lines from lyrics)
(Various extended texts)
* Wild Word-alliterative Websters
(idea suggested by Michael Truniansky)
Definitions that alliterate
with the word being defined

Do not use the form below. It is not working yet. Send submissions by email to instead, for the time being (but look at the form to see what kind of information to send in your submissions).



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