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Stan and Angelee Anderson's


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Favourite Films

If there is a common factor in our favourite films, it is that the beauty is in the details. Those small things -- an actor's momentary expression, a certain turn of phrase, an interesting camera angle -- are what make great films infinitely rewatchable.

Other Films Worth Noting

These films don't quite make our primary favourites list (though they might make our secondary or tertiary lists), but each has some quality we nevertheless wanted to draw to your attention.

Favourite Actors

There are certain actors that impress one with something beyond their technical capacities, and these actors will not be the same for everyone. "Personality" is certainly the wrong word, but there is a "uniquely their own" quality about the following actors which makes us smile to watch them even when the movies they appear in are less than memorable.

Favourite Actresses

Yes, we know that this list is disproportionately short. For some reason, there aren't as many actresses that "strike" us as there are actors. The two that currently do are:

Angelee's Heart-throbs

Stan's Heart-throbs

Favourite Soundtracks

Being musicians and lovers of music in general, we probably notice film music more than most people do, and we believe that its appropriateness (or lack thereof) is a prime ingredient in a film's success or failure.

Favourite Television

"Favourite" and "television" are almost contradictory terms for us, since at this stage of our lives we watch almost no TV shows, but only rent videos. Occasionally, though, we see a show that is not only worth the time it takes to watch it (all too rare, in our view), but well worth watching again and again.

Childhood Dreams and Nightmares

This is not really a list of favourites, but rather a list of things on film that made strong impressions on us, of wonder or of fear, in our childhood and adolescence.
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