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Harmonograph Time Port

from the FUTURE

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(last update 9/19/98: Fourth Time Port Letter Posting from Avrian McCallister

Time Ports? Node Contacts? Letters from the Future? If you don't know what these are, then you are probably as perplexed as I was when I discovered the following mysterious ASCII file on the hard drive of my computer:

Hello Stanley,

I am a scientist living in a time frame far in the future of your own time frame. I know this must sound incredible to you, but in order to convince you that this is not a hoax . . . [note from Stanley -- here followed stunning observations of private facts known only to me (at least thus far) proving to my satisfaction the truth of the writer's claims.]

I have discovered how signals may be transmitted between two different time frames, and have developed a device I call a 'time port' to do this. You can think of it as a kind of temporal 'wire' connecting two 'nodes' that allow something like electronic time signals to travel back and forth along its temporal length. These signals can be converted into electromagnetic fields at either node. By using a time port, I have been able to place this file in your computer for you to find.

My colleagues and I live in a society heavily monitored by a world-wide government and have little opportunity for free discussions of ideas and events. But my time port invention has opened up a possible method of circumventing the oppressive surveillance by the government; that is, if we can secure your help along with others in your time frame.

I have set up one node of a time port for each of my colleagues and me in our time frame. The other node of each time port is directed at the computer of a corresponding 'contact' in your time frame. So, for instance, you, Stanley, are my node contact at the other end of my time port. I am asking you set up a 'Time Port Web Page' so that when my colleagues and I send messages through our individual time ports, our respective node contacts in your time frame can post and retrieve the messages there.

Your help in this project will allow us to exchange information unmonitored by our government agencies.

I was certainly amazed by the this letter, but I followed the instructions given and have since received further communications from this scientist of the future. As instructed, I am posting them here. If you are a node contact of any of the aforementioned colleagues, I encourage you to also post any communications from them here.

First Time Port Letter Posting
from Stanley Anderson (pseudonym as perscribed below):

To my distinguished colleagues;

If you receive this message you will know that our efforts at time reversed signal processing have succeeded. We can now continue our research and dialogue in relative privacy. However, there is some danger in the process and still some risk that we could be found out by government agencies if we are not careful, so I will propose some extra precautions for us to follow.

First, to prevent the collapse of the entire group if any one person is detected, I suggest that we each adopt the identity our 20th century node contact. Thus, I will identify myself as Stanley Anderson in these correspondences.

Second, you may be unaware of the as yet untested, but theoretically possible dangers of multiple time stream interlock phase cancellations. This was known in the 20th century as the Grandfather Paradox and was traditionally set forth by postulating the situation of a person traveling back in time and killing her grandfather at a point before her father had even been conceived (obviously, this quaint illustration was devised long before cloning and recombinant rebirth became commonplace.) Since the person would then never have been born, she would never have gone back in the first place, thus creating an infinite regressive loop that was seemingly unresolvable.

Though we cannot send physical bodies back in time, any one of us could theoretically retrieve a later correspondence before an earlier one had even been sent, putting us in danger of initiating a potentially disastrous multiple time stream. Therefore, we need to make sure our correspondences are sent and received in strict chronological order.

To ensure that this occurs, I have constructed each of our time ports with an identical temporal length to the past so that as we move forward in our own time frame, the nodes residing in the past are all dragged along at the same rate and in the same time frame.

Since news is so carefully controlled the world over, each of you is encouraged to communicate any noteworthy events that occur in your part of the world that you may have special knowledge of. It is also my hope that the freedom of expression this reversed time signal discovery allows us will make for a lively discussion unbounded by the current public restrictions. Coupled with the diversity of our backgrounds in Science, History, Art, Theatre, Literature, Theology, Philosophy, Politics and Mathematics, discussions of our current research, and reflections and debates on the state of the world should prove to be useful and entertaining to all of us. Well, enough mechanics. Let me just add a few observations from my part of the world before I end this first letter.

I am quite irritated about the two-week Radiation Purge Isolation (RPI) that everyone here in the lower part of the South American Continent is required to take at least once a year. The effects of the quum-particle experiments conducted in Antarctica years ago have never been shown to be harmful. I monitor the conditions near the cape monthly and I've never seen evidence of any aurora drift. I think this is just another test of the locator seals that we all now have in place of our large toenails. If someone doesn't show up for isolation, the government agencies get to see how quickly they can locate the renegade. I really don't mind stubbing my big toe anymore.

Several people here have had the new Seraphim Wings genecoded into their shoulders. It sounds nice to be able to take off at will, but I'm not sure it is worth the trouble. It only takes five minutes at the most for my Sol-Air rider to reach me after I signal for it.

The parapsychology rage has died down in the last few years, but it has produced a kind of backlash. Back at the beginning, when the scientific basis for some of the effects was announced, there was a flurry of activity and interest, but the effects turned out to be quite modest -- someone might levitate a leaf a couple of inches off the ground for a minute or two, but that was the most that any human brain could sustain, and even that was determined to be potentially harmful to brain cells. Still, an unexpected side effect was that the effort produced an extreme sense of euphoria and a large group of people became psi addicts. The process was frowned upon and people began claiming that by just being near an addict one could absorb some of the psi aura into one's own brain. Thus developed the phrase "second hand psi" and the efforts to establish "psi-free zones." The other side insists that there is no harm and often enjoys annoying the anti-psi people by mentally undoing some prominent speaker's fly in front of an audience, or some other such childish acts. It has been a real test of wills around here at times.

Well, that's it for now. I hope the experiment has worked.

Second Time Port Letter Posting
from jedus t. Prophit:

Your communique has been intercepted by your forebears. Cease all temporal communications at once. Your compliance is of utmost importance.

jedus t. Prophit

Third Time Port Letter Posting

The Time Patrol Agency has learned of your time port letters you've received from the future. The original sender of these letters is being investigated for possible time violation. You may be contacted at a later date for testifying.


Third Time Port Letter Posting
from Paul Burgin:

Recently I received a message from a desendant of my Grandparents.

Dear Paul

Because of the threat of time alteration, I am going to mention only what you need to know. Notice that I do not refer to you as Great Grandfather, or Great Uncle, my Grandfather or Grandmother's cousin and so on. The reason being is that such statements could affect your future and you will feel manipulated by time, and may well develop headaches trying to work out the free will doctrine that Calvinists and others have been debating.

I say this in particular, because of the arguments that have been happening in Quatrant sector eight recently (I cannot tell you the real co-ordinates). There has been much argument as to who should be Moderator of the resistance faction that I am in. Old Francois McClean has died recently at the age of 134, and there is a succession problem.

Largely because there are two Sub Moderators, and only one of those will succeed. And this is giving me a big headache. Both sides have difficulties trying to get hold of support because of 'communication problems'. There are also Cyborg patrols nearby, and they may discover us, hence there is a climate of fear around. Computer communication is no longer for daily use, unless it is very important, and we have now reverted to the ancient ways of communicating messages. And I mean ancient! i.e. running for miles with a scroll in hand. Rather like what the Ancient Greeks did.

We cannot allow splits like this to happen. I thought they were just about finished when the great persecution began. Looking through various computer disks, I see that they occured throughout history, where the Christian faith was concerned.

The split between the two sub moderators now is dangerous. It might well weaken this resistance group considerably. We are hedged in almost at all sides from the enemy, and we are in severe danger of not attracting support to the few who are neutral. And those number of neutral people are going to diminish very quickly.

I'm not saying that the Candidates ignore, or do not discuss these differences, and simply tolerate them. What I dislike, are the accusations that neither side is for the resistance. That is a dangerous accusation, as traitors are expelled from the quadrant.

Obviously I cannot give you much detail, or where I am in the World, right now, the time signature around this is being traced, and could easily reach here in less than two minutes, so I must now bid you farewell.

Remember us.


(Natrually I cannot give you my real name)

And that was the letter. Sounds as if they are in a difficult situation

Fourth Time Port Letter Posting
from Avrian McCallister:

While the Resistance conducts petty squabbles over who will lead us, I have been conducting intelligence missions into the very heart of the enemy. Of course I was not able to get into New Babylon itself, but I was able to hack into one of their computer systems. I had to use a shield virus to avoid detection. Anyway, there is talk of a global census; apparently there have been too many attempts to get rid of the tracker devices. All citizens of the Empire--oops I mean HUMANE REPUBLIC-- must go to their hometown to register. The Global Sumit intends to authorize a house-to-house search for non-registerees.

---Avrian McCallister

PS: Please do not respond. It's risky enough as it is.

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