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Dionysus in His Boat
Stanley E. Anderson's
Wine Dark Sea Games
Dionysus, god of wine, in his boat,
by Exekias, circa 540 BC

These game ideas attempt to capture many of my aesthetic, intellectual, and creative enjoyments in a "board game" or "friends sitting around in the living room" format. Most of these games have a goal, scoring method, and winner, but often the play is so much the primary enjoyment that one hardly cares what the score is, or who wins.

I have divided the game ideas into two groups below. "The Playable Ones" vary in development from "essentially complete", to "still undergoing refinement". I am always interested in any improvements and variations for these games and welcome comments.

Ideas for games usually come to me while I am otherwise engaged in some fun activity. I will suddenly get a vague, shadowy feeling that "there's a game idea here somewhere, but I'm not sure what it is". Ideas that are still in this initial "feeling" stage form the second group below, "The Vague Shadowy Feelings".

I confess to that universal game inventor's paranoia and nightmare about having one's ideas stolen and turned, royalty-free and unbeknownst to the inventor, into the next "Pictionary". This fear results in the inventor's intense secrecy about his game ideas (e.g. "I have this great game idea, but if I told you about it, I'd have to shoot you). But I finally overcame this fear, and figured I might as well get the ideas out there for exposure and hope for the best.

As usual in these types of situations, please try them out on a personal level and let me know what you think (sangreal@jps.net). I'm like everyone else; I enjoy feedback, but do consider them copyrighted. Give me credit if you tell your friends and don't make that nightmare mentioned above come true.

Stanley on Vancouver Island
Stanley on Vancouver Island



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Created: 10/15/96 Updated: 10/15/96