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Strider's Page

A Sonnet Written for Me by My Mistress

(A Chocolate Labrador Retriever)
From nose to velvet ears to proud tail-tip,
In one hue, teddy bear-like, you're arrayed:
Sans argument, you are (even your lip)
The brownest thing that God has ever made.
Your artlessness -- (we see you wondering now,
"Why doodle with a poem, when we could play?") --
Is what we cherish best; or is it how
You kneel (almost) between us when we pray?
No dog, we're sure, is set so large a chore
Of ministering with tireless tongue to eyes
Thus long bemused by tears; O surely your
Glad faith with ours to its reward must rise.
And our one flesh will laugh to see you stride
More golden streets than these still at our side.
--© 1990 by Angelee Sailer Anderson
(previously published in The Mythic Circle #15)

(To read more about my mistress' writing, visit her page, "Everywhere there were morning glories.")

A Partial List of My Nicknames

Dog Definitions

Dog Versions of Scripture

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Dog Lyrics

(to the tune of The House of the Rising Sun)

There is a dog in Bearish Hall,
We call him Strider Grond,
And he's been the comfort of many a poor Mom --
His tongue's a magic wand.

His mother is a Sailer,
Picks his jerky treats;
His father is a Boeing man
Who pays for what he eats.

Now the only thing a good dog needs
Is to be his Master's pet,
And the only time that he'll be satisfied
Is dogging his Master's steps.

There is a dog . . .

(to the tune of Riders on the Storm, by the Doors)

Strider's on the floor,
Strider's on the floor,
He's browner than before,
He's chocolate to the core.
With a dog beside my bed
I hear music in my head,
When Strider's on the floor.

There's a canine in the car,
And he's going to travel far.
We'll take him to the lake
And watch his wet fur shake.
If we give this dog a ride
He'll be always at our side.
There's a canine in the car.

Girl, you gotta love your pet,
Girl, you gotta love your pet,
Take him to the vet,
Put yourself in debt.
A dog on you depends
Whose kisses never end.
You gotta love your pet.

Strider's on the floor. . . .

(to the tune of Ode to Joy)

Joyful, joyful we adore him
He's a chocolate Labrador
We save all our dog love for him
For he knows what dogs are for.
Strider's fur is very soft
He is the softest dog we've known
He loves to hold his tail aloft
He loves to chew his nylabone.

(to the tune of the Indiana Jones' Raider's March)

Pupperoni, pupperoo
He's a do-pup, he's a dogger-do
On his bone he likes to chew
He's our Strider, car-rider
A most excitable dog
He likes to poop on his daily walk
Round the loop, cats he gaily stalks
He likes to snoop all around the block
Do do do do-do-do do do-do-do do do-do do
(etc.-- finish out tune with 'do's)

Things That Have to be Spelled Out in My Presence to Keep Me from Going Ballistic

House Rules

  1. I am a member of the family, and therefore am not banished to the yard when my people are dining.
  2. However, any guest who feeds me table food must sit next to me (phew!) for the rest of the evening.
  3. Exceptions to the table food rule are grapes, and remnants adhering to butter wrappers and to macaroni and cheese dishes.

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