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Contact: Shawn Weaver  206-612-4531

2015!! We thank all who have had us perform in the last 18 years. It has been a whirlwind of celebration and concerts. 

For info and pricing contact Shawn Weaver

We do clinics and concerts.

Bookings and Other Information
shawnsax@jps.net, shawnsax@aol.com ,mailto:shawnsax@mac.com

206-612-4531, 206-523-9298
8221 30 Ave NE , Seattle, WA 98115

Wedding Clients, this is a link to ceremony music choices:

Wedding Songs Violin and Guitar

Wedding Songs Clarinet and Accordion

 We always take requests. 

About the Band:

Shawn's Kugel was formed in the 1997 and has performed all over the NorthWest in festivals and simcha's. We are considered the premier Jewish band in the Northwest.  Shawn Weaver has over 25 years experience playing Klezmer.   The band has released 4 CD's: "Simcha!", "Most Precious of Days" and "Finger Play" and  "Odyssey". We are currently working on our 5th CD.

Kugel performs not only Klezmer & Sephardic, but also Chassidic, Swing "The American Songbook" and some Rock & Roll. We pride ourselves on our musicianship and our ability to provide the ultimate simcha. Shawn organizes and teaches traditional dances at each performance. Shawn also writes a personal composition for some events, (As time permits) which is framed and presented to the Chosen/Kalle and or Bar/Bat. 

We take requests!

Our CD'S and reviews:

CDs can be purchased at CD Baby or contact me: shawnsax@jps.net



Kugel Myspace with full audio 

CD Baby with audio samples

"Finger Play"

CD Baby with audio samples

"Most Precious of Days"
CD Baby Link


Our 1st CD available only by mail

The Core Band is a 4 piece:

Shawn Weaver: Leader, Woodwinds, Mandolin, Guitar and Vocals

Murl Allen Sanders  Accordian/Keyboards     

Oleg Ruivinov Bass/Tuba and Vocals

Will Dowd: Drums and Percussion

The Kugel Mania!! is 6 Piece and larger:

Al Keith: Trumpet

Bill Anthony: Trombone

Nathaniel Scheleimer: Baritone sax and Alto

 For info and pricing contact Shawn Weaver

Bookings and Other Information
shawnsax@jps.net, shawnsax@aol.com, shawnsax@mac.com
206-612-4531, 206-523-9298
8221 30 Ave NE , Seattle, WA 98115

See the band live!

Only private events at this time....Sorry!

Contact me to make arrangements to observe the band at a Simcha

Some members of the band are a part of  Shabbat services at Temple Beth Am. This site has free MP3's of music we play for services:
Other Klezmer is my "Big Bad Bari's" a Klezmer baritone sax trio

Go to Temple Beth Am for more info or call 206-525-0915

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Balauste Catering-Henry Gordon Fifth Member of Kugel

Photography by Geoff Manasse

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