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The Antonucci Family consists of myself, Hugo, my wife Terri and our daughter Alyssa.  We also have an older son that we call EJ.  He is a Geologist and works for the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.  We have two cats named Lynx and Pumpkin. 
Now a little on how we became so involved in Huskies and other northern breeds.
When Terri and I moved to Los Banos in 1992 we had one dog, a Doberman Pincher named Gretchen.  My mother thought Gretchen needed a playmate and gave us this ball of fur.  She sure looked like a mean dog with her black and white mask with piercing blue eyes.  We named her Topaz.  A short time later we lost our Gretchen.  And with a Husky in the house alone can be very distructive.  We had to repair a hole in the wall, a couple of areas of the brand new carpet not to mention retrieve pillows, blankets, throw rugs from the backyard and put them back.  We contacted BASH and they told us she needed a companion.  We ended up rescuing a Samoyed named Shadow from a bad situation and it has been down hill ever since.  Our next one, Natasha, a pure bred Siberian Husky, use to live in the Santa Cruz mountains and loved to chase neighbors horses and was in danger of being shot, so we said, "What's one more".   So we adodpted her.  As of today, 11/08/2011 we have 19!  Terri is afraid that everytime I go to a race or training I might come home with another. 
We are now living on 40 acres near the small town of Adin in north eastern California .